Luxury Interior Design Melbourne

Luxury is a lifestyle, as much as it is a ‘look’. Luxury interior design involves creating a stylish, tasteful, and comfortable lifestyle for you and your family to enjoy.

A high-end luxury interior designer goes deeper and works harder to source bespoke accessories and custom furniture that truly matches a client’s very specific tastes, as well as their unique lifestyle.

The key lies in carefully listening to a client’s desires, tastes, and needs, and from there, creating a one-of-a-kind look and end-product. It’s all part of the luxe process.

We also design and manufacture customised luxury furniture.

Our boutique luxury interior design sparks joy in what we can achieve together. Once the design concept and styling is complete, delivers a sense of joy, comfort, and relaxation – every day.


Your home is a space where you retreat to every day; a haven from today’s busy world. Your home should be stylish, beautiful, and above all, comfortable. It should bring a sense of peace every time you enter it.

Our desire is to make your interior design journey effortless – we manage it all, from concept and furniture sourcing, to liaising with craftsmen and trades, to bring luxury to your home. 

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Apartments and Penthouses

Apartment living is becoming a smart choice for many, but a smaller footprint doesn’t mean you need to compromise on function, form, or style.

Apartment interior design challenges us to find creative ways to optimise your floor plan and layout without compromising style and luxury.

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Danielle Scandrett’s boutique interior design services

As an Interior Designer, I understand and respect the trust that my clients place on my ability to deliver their project. This is never taken for granted, as I take full ownership of your project maintaining true integrity throughout.

I want you to feel confident that I will manage the entire process (including trades and suppliers), and will communicate with you in a transparent and honest way.

Beyond an appreciation and love for all things luxury, It is vital my clients feel understood. Many of my clients express their gratitude when I just “get” them – this intuitive ability to read people is helpful as it allows me to understand your lifestyle, your taste, and your vision.

We have strict attention to detail
We are perfectionists
We feel a great sense of responsibility
We make the process fun

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Danielle Scandrett Interior Design Approach

Danielle Scandrett Interiors takes away the stress you might be feeling by managing every aspect, from design and conceptualisation to manufacturing, ordering, delivery, and of course, the entire fit out.

We will liaise with all our trades and suppliers, so all you need to do is watch your design come to life. You can be as involved in the process as you like!

With more than 15 years’ experience in the interior design industry, we can quickly identify the answers to the problems you need solved, all while ensuring we maintain a perfect balance between comfort and luxury.

No stone is left unturned as we uncover every element and manage each step of the interior design process. 

We are dedicated to creating the perfect space for our clients.

Danielle will personally select and present only the right pieces of furniture, artwork, and accessories for your home. Everything presented is perfectly balanced.

Finally, we want you to enjoy the process with us. We believe in team work when it comes to creating your wonderful new space.

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Being an interior designer also means I feel a great sense of responsibility. I take ownership of your entire project, and maintain true integrity throughout. I want you to feel confident that I will manage the entire process (including trades and suppliers), and will communicate with you in a transparent and honest way.

Danielle Scandrett