Design Services

Beautiful interior decorating really is the difference between a house and a home. Our luxury inteior design services result in a feeling of elegant ease. You will experience functionality, comfort, and joy in every single room of your home.


The concept phase covers all aspects of the overall design aesthetic, including the initial client brief, where the ideas, looks, philosophy and personality or brand of the client are determined. This stage is really about creating a synergy between the design direction and what the client wishes to achieve.

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Design Development

This stage is a further development of the Concept stage. Where the ideas and overall aesthetic decided on in the concept stage are brought into an achievable reality. This involves finalising the design direction with the client and the nominated trades.

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Selection of Finishes

Danielle Scandrett Interiors has a vast and constantly updated library of finishes and materials on which to draw for each individual project. Our knowledge of local and international product helps us to provide our clients with the look and feel they are seeking in a unique and specialised way.

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Space planning and custom joinery are another service we provide. Working with our registered builders and specialist joiners we can advise on interior design, renovation and customisation of the interior structure and layout of a project.

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Furniture Selection

Danielle Scandrett Interiors also provides furniture curation, selection and procurement. We can provide solutions, from individual pieces and materials to the planning of furniture for a room to an entire house. We also specialise in the custom design of furniture to suit spaces, custom upholstery and selection of finishes to compliment the overall interior, collaborating with various artisans and suppliers.

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Custom Furniture

If we can’t source it. We’ll create it.

Creating unique pieces of furniture is one of our favourite parts of the entire luxury interior design process.

From initial sketches to colour and fabric selection, We direct the entire luxury furniture design process. We have close long-term relationships with incredibly talented artisans, craftsmen, and trades that help us bring your luxury furniture design to life.

We love mixing textures and exploring colour palettes to elevate a room and striking the perfect balance between luxury and comfort.

The result?

A room where each element has been carefully curated and thoughtfully designed to create a space that you will look forward to coming home to, every single day!

Emerging from our expert knowledge of how different materials look, feel, and wear, plus a passion for artistic design, our luxury furniture design services ensures you get a truly customised piece of furniture for your new space.

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Personal Shopping

Our Personal Shopper Service can assist in selecting the right products for you. If it’s just an update of your accessories and soft furnishings or if you only require a couple of new pieces, we can advise you on what will work with your existing scheme and take you to our best trade showrooms and suppliers exposing you to a selection of products that you may otherwise not have had access to.

If you don’t have the time to do this with us, we can target what pieces you’re after and come back to you with suggestions for your approval. We can take care of everything from purchasing right through too deliveries.

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