Luxury Furniture Selection and Design

Danielle Scandrett Interiors creates rooms and homes with an enormous depth of design.

The colours, the layout, the furniture, and every accessory are purposefully selected. You don’t just see the room – you feel it, and want to become a part of it. 

Each piece of furniture we source or design exudes a sense of luxury and comfort…

A luxurious sofa that makes you want to relax into it, a kitchen that inspires you to cook and a bedroom that is inviting, cosy, and beautiful.

When sourcing furniture, soft furnishings, lighting and accessories, nothing is left to chance: everything is balanced. 

Our interior design process incorporates both luxury furniture selection and custom furniture design.

Luxury furniture selection

With both International and national furniture contacts, Danielle Scandrett Interiors draws inspiration from all across the world and can introduce you to pieces you might have never considered otherwise.

From Milan’s luxe style and the exotic wares of Morocco to sustainable furniture made right here in Australia, we appreciate the importance of furniture selection as part of the interior design process.

When curating your new furniture, we take into account not only the style and colour palette of your beautiful new room, but its purpose, too.

Every day, we want you to step into your home and exhale, feeling an immediate sense of comfort, familiarity and joy envelope you.

Choosing the right piece for you

We ensure the furniture we select and curate not only reflects your brief, but also suits the particular space and size of your room.

While the nature of a space can direct design, it’s more about selecting pieces that fulfil a purpose and help you to use your space to its best potential.

We help you maximise your floorplan to ensure your new room not only looks great, but works for your particular lifestyle as well.

A bespoke piece of furniture usually emerges during one of many conversations, and in many cases, is not always a part of the original brief or something you had considered in the earlier stages.


Luxury custom furniture design

If we can’t source it, we’ll create it! 

From initial sketches to colour and fabric selection, we direct the entire luxury furniture design process. Our close long-term relationships with incredibly talented artisans, craftsmen, and trades help us bring your luxury furniture design to life. 

We love mixing textures and exploring colour palettes to elevate a room and strike the perfect balance between luxury and comfort.

The result? 

A unique and beautifully crafted piece of luxury furniture, designed for you and your home. 

I believe in creating beautiful spaces that perfectly reflect the style, whims and passions of my clients. Spaces that tell a story, coupled with an appreciation for playfulness and the freshness of modern design. For me, it’s about authenticity, where I strive to deliver unique and inspiring designs that ultimately exceed my client’s brief.

Danielle Scandrett