Luxury apartment interior design melbourne

Luxury interior design for apartments unleashes an artistic sense of drama, movement, and boldness to create a cohesive and stylish space

Working alongside a team of trades, artisans, and architects, our luxury interior design team ensures that behind every door, you’ll find tranquil comfort, luxury, and style.

Enjoy a sense of luxury through each carefully curated element, from walls and floors to soft furnishings. During a luxury apartment interior design process Danielle Scandrett will present exquisite details, refined fixtures, and lush textiles creating a cohesive yet refined look

Explore charming details, fixtures, and textiles, each working back with the other
Experience luxury interior design for apartments that maximise style and space

The quality of an apartment is defined not only by its size, but by its elegance, style, and functionality, as well.

Luxury interior design for an apartment or penthouse is one of our favourite projects. Not only do we have a luxurious design brief to meet, but we also need to ensure we use space effectively and cleverly maximise your layout.

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High-end luxury interior design for apartments and penthouses


This cosy cocoon is your private sanctuary away from the outside world. Each bedroom in your apartment should be stylish, comfortable, restful, and totally luxurious.

Living areas

Combine practicality and luxury with living areas that exude comfort and style. From furniture selection (or design) to layout, each element is carefully curated to create a beautiful living space you’ll love coming home to every day. 


We play it smart when it comes to your new luxury kitchen. Often kitchens are visible from entry into an apartment. We endeavour to provide a provide a seamless integration between your kitchen and living space. Combining high quality appliances and fixtures with stylish colour palettes, lighting, and finishes, we ensure your new kitchen and dining spaces are as beautiful as they are practical.

Who we work with


We work with owners who desire to re-decorate, re-design or renovate their homes. Our luxury interior design services result in chic, luxurious, and comfortable spaces.

We are ever mindful of the importance of practical storage solutions in making homes functional as well as beautiful.

Builders and architects

Working alongside builders, architects, and all associated trades, we can provide project liaison of our design concepts.

Working together, we ensure your project stays on schedule so we deliver an exceptional end-product.


We work with investors who have expanded their investment portfolio. We assist in creating beautifully furnished and styled spaces that maximise your rental return.

Apartment interior design portfolio

Explore some of our favourite featured projects in our luxury apartment interior design portfolio.


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At Danielle Scandrett Interiors we maximise your space without compromising style resulting in a fully customised home that is truly yours.

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